PBBHW is proud to host a variety of support, therapeutic and educational group therapy sessions. We take pride in our small group formats and parent interaction in child-focused groups.

Brain Power

Brain PowerThe Brain Power group will enhance your child’s executive functioning skills including his/her ability to organize, self-regulate and utilize resources to achieve a goal. Focus is age specific and addresses concerns pertinent to the developmental needs of each group.Ages: Minis (k-2nd grade), school age (3rd-5th grade), middle school (6th-8th), high school (9th-12th grade).

PEERS and Children’s Friendship Training

PEERS and Children’s Friendship Training PEERS and Children’s Friendship Training are social skills groups that teach kids how to navigate the social world and make new friends. Group members learn how to initiate and maintain conversations with peers, engage with others in a variety of situations, and increase self-confidence in various social environments. Specific sections of this Social Skills group are for children and adolescents struggling with developmental disorders. A parent group runs concurrently to the adolescent group. Ages: school age (3rd-5th grade), middle school (6th-8th), high school (9th-12th grade), young adults (18+).

Fun Club

Fun Club!! Dr. Kelly is excited to host Fun Club for PBBHW kids (ages 8-15, or with approval for age). Fun Club will include the opportunity for kids to use their social skills in a fun, safe and age appropriate environment! Video games, board games, pizza and friends! Drop Off, $15 (includes pizza).

Club will be hosted from 6-8pm on bi-weekly Friday Evenings.

Postpartum Support Group

This group is offered for any mother experiencing difficulty in their
transition into motherhood within the first 12 months. Group can
provide a safe space for moms to connect, process, and support
each other within the postpartum period. Group will encourage self-
care for moms and, therefore, we respectfully ask that this time be
centered around you and that little ones are with another care giver.

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